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Anita Bekus

Anita Bekus

Our brand ambassador. Anita is a multiple Polish and world champion in Fitness, Bikini Fitness and MMA matches.

I can start with the quote: “weaker sex but stronger.” I have been highly active ever since early childhood. Even then, every physical activity gave me pleasure and the thrill of rivalry motivated me even more – to be the first, to be faster, to do more.

My tendencies were noticed in primary school by a dance and gymnastics teacher, who quickly instilled her passion in me. I treated practice very seriously and I was soon offered to join a gymnastic fitness competition, which was my first time on the fitness stage, at the age of 13. It was an incredible experience and I found the atmosphere so fascinating that I made a very mature decision for my age: that was something I wanted to do.

I practised year after year and my efforts were rewarded with numerous international achievements. At the age of 21, feeling that I had done and achieved everything, I found a new challenge and I started to train for and attend figure competitions – Bikini Fitness contests. And since my motto is that whatever I do, I do it well, years of hard work and sacrifice allowed me to achieve spectacular international success in the IFBB. But a time came where I felt fulfilled again so I looked for another challenge.

It did not take long. I asked my partner, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, to give me a few boxing lessons. The effect was my full commitment and a decision that this was the right thing for me. I also gave it my all and relatively soon I won a Polish MMA Championship and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championship in amateur tournaments. Soon afterwards, I switched to professional sport, which I have been practising to this day and I do my best to grow as an athlete regardless of challenges and to overcome any obstacles and barriers.


• 1st place - the Fight Exclusive Night 28 gala, Krakow


• 1st place - Envio Fight Night 18 gala, Bydgoszcz
• 1st place - Fight Exclusive Night 24 gala, Warsaw


• 1st place in the Polish Championship in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
• 1st place Polish MMA Cup


• 1st place in the Polish MMA Championship
• 2nd IFBB European Bikini Fitness Championships, Spain


• 1st IFBB British Bikini Fitness Championships, UK


• 1st place British IFBB Bikini Fitness Cup, UK
• UK Ranked # 1 in Bikini Fitness IFBB, UK
• 2nd IFBB World Bikini Fitness Championships, Mongolia


• 1st place at Grand Prix Europe in Fitness Gymnastics, Poland


• 1st place at the European Aerobic WFF Fitness Championships, Lithuania


• 2nd place at the WFF Fitness Aerobic World Championships, Lithuania
• 1st place IBFF International Fitness Championship, Austria


• 1st place at the European Aerobic Championships WFF, Lithuania


• 1st place World Aerobic World Championships WFF, Lithuania
• 1st place at the European Aerobic WFF Fitness Championships, Lithuania

Krzysztof Radzikowski


When I first watched Commando as a young boy and I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger, I wanted to be like him: powerful and strong but also caring. My fascination grew with every film he starred in but unfortunately a film would end and I would return to my ordinary life, one look in the mirror bringing me back to earth.

The desire to be like Arnold was so strong that I eventually went to a gym and worked hard, until I could barely breathe, with the way my body was changing motivating me to keep training and to work even harder. I saw the changes day after day and week after week and I liked the effects of my hard work. Months and years went by and I still wanted to be like him and i never expected in my wildest dreams that one day we would be standing face to face and shake hands and that i would be able to talk to him and get to know him a little.

As I got in shape, I became stronger and I wanted to present it so I started to look for competitions and tournaments to enter. Those were the times where Poland also had competitors that I looked up to: Dymek, Toczek, Pudzianowski. I was not always taken seriously. As the youngest participant of one strongman event I competed with award-winning athletes who had returned from global tournaments but I was not discouraged and, to my tremendous satisfaction, I won. And this is how, one competition after another, I gradually reached the point where I am now – I got what I wanted and where were I wanted.

But sport is more than just tournaments and victories, it is often a test of character because I experienced difficult situations too – injuries which pushed me to the second, third or even lower rank, even when I was the favourite. There was one injury that almost prevented me from ever returning to strength athletics but my persistence and mindset surprised the doctors and physiotherapists and I made a comeback. In hindsight, as an athlete that was on of the best on the globe, I regret nothing of the effort I have put in this and I encourage everyone to practice sports and follow their dreams. I can think of nothing more beautiful than to sit in front of a fireplace later in life and tell my grandchildren about my friends, competitors, tournaments and past adventures. No one and nothing can take those memories away from me.

Krzysztof Radzikowski


• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Norway
• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Germany FIBO
• 1st place - Pairs Championship - England


• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Finland
• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Germany FIBO
• 1st place - Forca Bruta - Brazil


• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Norway


• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Norway
• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Germany FIBO
• 2nd place - Strongman Champions League Final - Dubai


• 1st place - Strongman Champions League - Finland
• 1st place - World Cup, Festival Hommes Forts - Canada
• 1st place - Strongman Champions League Final - Turkey


Vjačeslav Vinogradov

Our brand ambassador.

Vjačeslav Vinogradov is a well-known figure in the field of bodybuilding and fitness. He has been working in the bodybuilding world for 20 years, he is a successful competitor who, among other things, achieved the title of world champion in classic men’s bodybuilding in 2006.

In addition to his own competitive career, he also prepares competitors for competitions in bodybuilding and fitness, many of tham have successfully presented themselves at the highest clans such as the World and European Championships.

He passes on his knowledge and experience through lectures at Charles University in Prague (1st class coaching school) and within the Fitness Academy, he himself is the organizer of many other educational seminars. He has been an international judge since 2010 and, after four years, has also added the IFBB professional referee license.

He is currently an active member of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Association of the Czech Republic in the position of Vice President. He is the founder of the Target Team, where every year he prepares for a hundred competitors who regularly place in the top positions on an international scale.

2017 - Present

• President of Czech federation IFBB

2010 - Present

• International Judge


• 1st IFBB World Champion


• 1st IFBB Europe Champion
• 1st IFBB World Champion